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OSATT provides MIT faculty and PIs with support for strategic and tactical execution for the conversion of promising external engagements to agreements and impactful operation of research, education, and innovative programs on campus and globally.

OSATT helps develop and cultivate relationships with corporate and international sponsors and other collaborators to facilitate research engagements and other projects and programs at MIT. It also enables our external partners to realize value in intellectual property developed at MIT, either through their sponsorship or independent innovation at MIT.


Gayathri Srinivasan Headshot

Gayathri Srinivasan

Executive Director
Corporate Relations
Anne White Headshot

Anne White

Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Research Administration
Lesley Millar-Nicholson Staff Pic

Lesley Millar-Nicholson

Executive Director
Technology Licensing Office
Meghan McCollum Fenno Staff Pic

Meghan McCollum Fenno

Executive Director & Counsel
OSATT Core & Office of General Counsel